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Fewest Miles?

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When checking the voting booth I noticed
2% had voted in the 0-100 mile category.
Of course they may have many more miles now.
So let's see who has the fewest miles now.

DHG 3875 has 495 miles.
Purchased 29AUG01

I also saw that 3% had their Bullitt wrapped
in plastic in another poll, so these
Bullittheads probably have real low miles.
DHG #3875
BULLITT chase scene recreated on rear dash
with Revell 1/25 scale 68 GT 390 Fastback and
68 Charger R/T metal body models. Unfortunately
the hub caps don't come off the Charger.

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2500 miles, purchased 7/01/01 new. Will double those miles in the next year, but with some mods and a lot of smiles. Not purchased as a daily driver. Never seen rain, but that will probably change. i agree with you guys who say drive them and enjoy them. That is exactly what I plan for the future.
#2764 is a daily driver at 13500 miles. It is always a Blast to drive her. But I do envy those that can save and drive their Bullitt's on a nice day only. Sometimes you almost (I said alomost) forget how special the car is when we use it all the time. Esp those that really don't get what a Bullitt is and sees me driving it all the time. It isn't until I show her off and people are all amazed and stare at her, that I get reminded 'Hey I am lucky to have and drive a car like that'!!!! :grin:
PY, I say sound off who has the most miles ... that the guy or girl who has enjoyed their BULLITT the most. Let someone else check the least mileage the next owner can make a buck I want the fun.

DHG 1005 turned 4,000 mi. when it got it's Allen Rev II 'BULLITT' Blower Kit.

on your six ... DHG 1005

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On 2002-01-15 16:20, BLUEBULLITT4043 wrote:
I think most everyone has a different opinion and situation. I picked up True Blue #4043 in late August. I have put on only 350 miles on it. Every mile has been a joy. I also own 1969 Shelby GT 350 #0816, 1968 Convertible G.T. Mustang, and my daily driver 1989 Mustang G.T. I did not buy the Bullitt for a investment it was purchased so I can drive it when I want and enjoy every minute of it. It seems that those who drive theirs as daily drivers don`t understand that. Trust me it is a nice option to have.
No, I think we understand it...we just can't afford it or justify it.
I bought mine as a daily driver. I did not go in looking for another collectible car, nor did I go in looking for a Bullitt. As I've had the car almost a year now, I WISH that I could buy another daily driver and pamper this one...but I can't. Just mentioning this would be cause for me, I mentioned it!!!

I almost cried when I hit 10k on the odometer. :cry:
sh*t happens!!!
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does 23,000 miles qualify as low??
Her birthday is coming up next week too and will end up with over 24,000 for the year...
and I've LOVED every mile!!!

My problem is walking out every morning...86 F350...Bullitt...F350...Bullitt....c'mon, get real!! :lol: VROOOOOMMM off to work I go!

maybe I'll slow down in year 2....(my son says I have to save her for him...he'll be 16 in 2006...NOT!)

Collin...have you even changed the oil yet???
I think I got all of you beat...

July 23rd, I clicked over 29120.

Extended Warranty, here I COME!!!
mine comes out on sunny days only.........
i hate cleaning the fender wells......
but i no longer hate the 39 mile (one way) drive to work!
there are several stretchs that the boys in blue never hang out, and it is soooooo easy and tempting to get up above 100........
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