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Finally got my Bullitt

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Well, I just drove home DHG #4865! I'd been wavering back and forth since May about getting one. The hesitation paid off. Although I had to drive to Birmingham, AL from Memphis to get it. I probably got the best deal of anyone not using a,z, or x plan. 24,750 which is $600 under invoice. On top of that Ford was kind enough to give me free money! That is a loan for 0% financing. It is kind of funny that in July while in CA, a dealer near where I was staying was asking $32,380! By reading this forum everyday it made me know I need to finally go buy the Bullitt. As a side note, Jim Skinner Ford in Birmingham made the great deal with me. They still have 2 DHG's, 1 Black, and 1 True Blue. Charlie Martin is the sales manager if anyone is interested. Time to get the Memphis Bullitts together now!

DHG #4865
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Good job, 9mm. DHG is awesome! Keep it really clean and spot free before you get it waxed up.

Nice to have a piece of history, huh?
Good luck.
Welcome 9MM. Just bought mine friday (BLACK #5508). Used to live in B'ham and bought a truck from Skinner in early 80s.

Isn't it great! I keep looking in the garage every few minutes to make sure I wasn't dreaming!

Rio Rancho, NM
welcome to the club!!
Thanks for the welcome. I have gone to the garage several times just to look at the Bullitt. I guess I'm sick or something. Fortunatly I have a work vehicle so I don't have to pile miles on the Bullitt. Unfortunatly I have a work vehicle so I don't get to pile the miles on the Bullitt! I guess you all know what I mean.

DHG #4865
Hey guys just rolled off the lot in Bessemer,AL Town and Country Ford and they said I was the first Bullitt buyer there!
I have a Stupid question ,where can I find my Bullitt ser#???? Are you using the last four of the vin#?

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The Bullitt # is on the left(driver's side) Strut tower under the hood. Maybe someone can post a pic. for you.

DHG #4865
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