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Finally got pics, how do I post them...Help!

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Okay, I know I saw some posts with instructions before I got pics of #4584, but now I can't seem to find them! :sad: Duh, can someone please help me?

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Make a reply to the BULLITT PICS topic. At the bottom it will give an option to upload pics. Click on this and another window will open. Click browse to find your pic and click upload. You will then be given an HTML link to use. Just copy and paste this link into your reply body. Just make sure you save that link in a text file so you dont lose it cause its kinda long. Hope this helps.
Thanks Fulcrum, I will give it a try. :grin:

Worked like a charm, fulcrum, after I shrunk them down! Thanks for the help. :grin:

Here is a picture of my dad and I standing next to our Bullitt DHG# 2242


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Now there's a couple of real desperados! :lol:

Great pic! :smile:
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