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Well, here goes nothing. I have some more but the scaner is not working now so I'll get them up when I can. BTW, the Camaro is my buddies 2001 LS1 Z28 (w/Z-rated tires) which he got in February. Being that he's a trooper and I'm a cop I doubt we will be racing anytime soon. (nudge,nudge-wink,wink!)
:wink: There are also pics of the '70 Ranchero GT I had as my first car. Only had 52,000 miles when I got it and only 70,000 when I sold it. Had a 351-C 2V in it. IT WOLD MOVE!!!! (Yes that's me(a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away!) in my senior year of high school.)


2001 BULLITT DHG #745

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Shortly after this pic was taken Cam’s and his camero buddy left the two cars side bye side and walked inside for a glass of water. After hearing what seemed to be tires peeling out they both ran out side to see that the camero was now just a frame with 4 wheels, on the other hand Cam noticed that his Bullitt now weight about a ton more with what seemed to be a stomach like mass extruding from the trunk into the back seat.

LOL j/k :smile:

great pics man, I have a few pics and some in mind that I want to take and the I’ll add my pics hear to.
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