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First Kill

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Well it was a nice weekend in Portland and the wife and I decided to take the Bullitt out for a romp on the back roads. I know this car is quick but I like to hit the winding roads and the wife keeps me from killing myself. Anyway I was on the return trip and I got caught behind a lowered black V6 Cammary that was going so slow that a semi-truck was stuck to may bumper (mind you this was up hill with lots of turns). There was no place to pass and even the wife was complaining. Finally we got to a spot that I could pass so I pull out and gave it a little gas. This bozo decides to floor it as I start to pass him.:mad: Needless to say I quickly down shifted and nailed it. To end this story I can only say that I have my first kill and it wasn't even close, the boy never had a chance.:lol: Gott'a love this Bullitt!! :grin:

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Me and my Diesel F350 used to hate the #@$%! yahoo's that would poke and then speed up so that I couldn't pass. If I could spool up the turbo early enough and pass them, the funniest was when they had their windows open and I'd swing close enough so that they'd get their car filled with black they'd get PO'd!!!
Now with the Bullitt...I don't care anymore, cuz I can always pass 'em!! but it sure was fun to mess with them with the ol' PU!
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