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First on line beer party?

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Could this be a first? Life is good when bullittheads from all over the country get together and enjoy each others company.
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I thank iz a furst.But wha du eye no.BlackBullitt#1768
I got some drinking to do, to get caught up i'm only on #2......
I really believe Coors Lite taste best cold and in my hand
Geez... I'm still @ work in California, apple juice in hand. It's only 4:30.
If the Mail man has run, it's not to early to get started drinking.... Any earlier means your Alcohlic (spelling sucks)....
Plus you'll get to drink longer.... it's 7:30 here
By the time you get out of work we on the other coast will be flying high!Yeahaw!!!!BlackBullitt#1768 I really am sitting here drinkin beer. My old lady thinks I nuts!!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!
I think it's cool, My wife is at one of those women parties, where we get more stuff to throw away or find a place to hid them. Tupper ware rules
JimmyRay, Here's an idea for ya. A drive-in tupperware container big enough to fit a Bullitt in. BlavkBullitt#1768
Great idea.... I really wish it was one of those sex toy parties she went to once I really had fun until she on purpose lost her new friend......
94 bottles of berr
94 bottles of beer
take one down around
93 bottles of beer
Tupperware, great for storing cigars!
Hey, other side...just remember, as long as it's 5 o'clock's miller time...or in my case, tonight it's icehouse
I'm having a great time here. Gettin buzzed while trying to type.Maybe I have found a new skill!!!BlackBullitt#1768
I use 2 fingers and the drunker I get the faster they go
What kind of tunes? I'm in the Mood for ACDC Black n Black. Or Aerosmith
That song was the first one 1007 payed for me, Loud and proud!!!!!!
I guess I'll have some catching up to do when I get out of work at midnight. This is depressing, I shouldn't read our forum at work I guess. Boy am I thirsty.
88 babes in bras on the wall
88 babes in bras...
Oh...wrong song
I like it, I like it!
88 babes, how did it go?
1 - 20 of 168 Posts
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