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First pic of ME in car...not good...but I have one now!

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Hubby took this of me today...very overcast...waiting for a sunny day for a GOOD shot! :smile: Am I even IN there...hmmmmm
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Nice pic Dona! I love the white picket fence in the backdrop! My pics are always so clear but then when I post them, they are very blurry. Your's is not too shabby! :smile:

BTW: Where's you're red brake calipers! Are they there?



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Hi Vickie!

Ha, the white picket belongs to the neighbor across the street, but I like it. Our fence is six foot because of the Dane..otherwise we might have gone white picket. We have to have a fence because of the in-ground, so we went with HIGH and wood was cheaper!

The calipers? Yes, they SHOULD be there but in looking at my pic, I see they don't show...what's the chances of both not showing? ha! Also, some of my pictures are clear and some are blurry. I posted a picture of me and my Great Dane and she is clear, my face is a blur...go figure!?!

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