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First rate exhaust takes Third!

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Just last Saturday my son entered our Bullitt in a muffler rapping contest at Springfield IL. Every year they hold a cruise labeled by them as the best in IL. It is a great cruise for sure. Anyway, no other Bullitt's were to be found and the comment's received were excellent. We entered her because the stories of the exhaust seem to be becoming legendary, and what better way to expose the public to their decibles than a simple demostration. About 20 vehicles participated and while we didn't come in first or second, THIRD was quite unexpected for us. Just to place against all those aftermarket systems with an unmolested factory exhaust, show's those guy's at Ford did something quite extraordinary. By the way, she registered a 111 on the decible reader.
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That's awesome! Congrats. A friend of mine drives a 00 Vette and when I blew past him one day, he was very impressed with the aggressive sound.
very nice jetfired!
went to a small Mustang gathering on a sunday about 4 weeks ago where i knew another St. Louis Bullitthead (Dale)would be. Neither of us had ever heard our cars under full acceleration from OUTSIDE of our vehicles!!
when i left the parking lot, i floored it and chirped the gears. i sent him an email asking how it sounded and his answer was
"it brought tears to my eyes"
pretty cool....who will i let drive my car si I can hear it from the outside?(and how do i make sure they come back?)
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