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What a depressing day! Took Bullitte in this morning to Ford for them to clean up the compound they left on the car. Brought her home and there was this scratch on the trunk lid! I did not stop anywhere on the way there or way back so it had to have happened there, assumably. They are going to cover the cost of the repair but deny (pretty much) that it happened there. They believe that by the way the scratch is administered, that a rock flew and landed on the trunk.

Took it to a body shop and they are going to rrepaint the WHOLE trunk for $450. It will need new Blue Oval and BULLITT badge. They are going to use the 3-stage paint. Green-Pearl-Clearcoat. She is only 3 weeks old and has 1900 miles on her and already in the body shop! Waahhh!!

Ford is being pretty civil about the whole thing and told us to go wherever we want to get it done and to send them the bill. So we are!

Ford just called and our front cover bra is in so I will head back over there for the 3rd time today!

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To TwoStangWmn:
You have had a bad day and I anticipate that Bullitte will be fine. In my experience with specialty vehicles it ALWAYS pays to get well acquainted with the service manager and shop foreman by name. You want them to know you by name when your vehicle comes in for service. Let them know that you EXPECT your vehicle to be in the same condition (appearance)when you pick it up as when you dropped it off. At times I have taken digital photos of my vehicle with the service advisor standing there and CONFIRMING no dents or scratches as brought in. This will impress upon them that you care about your car. Also have found that bribery works great. When they do a good job for you, tip the mechanic; buy donuts etc.
Hope everything turns out well for you !
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