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First time at the track.

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First time at the track last weekend all stock here are the times.
r/t... .770 zzzlol
60 ... 2.153
330... 6.104
1/8... 9.370
mph... 75.36
1000... 12.153
1/4... 14.494
mph... 95.74

going to the track this weekend. looking forward to low 14.00.
What are 13s bullitts rpms at launch?
what are your shift points
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I don't qualify as a 13 second Bullitt owner, so my post may be meaningless, but I'll get the replies started for you.

How many miles are on your car now? I ask because mine produced similar MPH numbers before 1600 miles. My second run down the track was 75.70/eighth and 95.90/quarter. Your 60' and 330' were pretty decent though.

Now, some cars have run fast right from the start, mine didn't. It is possible that your's is like mine. By beating on the car more and getting some miles on it, it ran over 79.xx/eighth and 100.50/quarter at about 3000 miles.
I'm no expert 6 runs this season and I learned that any hard starts left me spinning tires to no end. My best 60' was 20# air in tires and I left only a little harder than the street spun about 2' and just booted it. I can't get traction with these street tires

Blk Bullitt #2754
My car has over 3000 miles on it. Ran 10 runs most the timeslips were 14.49 to 14.69 mph 95.74 to 96.98
My throwout bearing starting to make noise has anyone had this problem.
Mine has throwout bearing noise too. I don't think it's that uncommon.
My throwout bearing makes noise sometimes. Seems to be dependent upon weather (temp, humidity). Don't think it is a problem though.
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