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I finally made it out to Milan Dragway for the first time today, here are my times:
First run: 60' 2.213
1/8 9.219- 77.30mph
1/4 14.224- 98.85mph

Second run: 60' 2.241
1/8 9.195- 78.25mph
1/4 14.172- 98.48mph

Third run: 60' 2.242
1/8 9.193- 78.00mph
1/4 14.172- 98.87mph

Fourth run: 60' 2.174
1/8 9.145- 78.11mph
1/4 14.123- 98.45mph

Well I, like everyone else, was hoping for a 13 second or 100 mph pass, but it just wasn't going to happen. I am definitely not disappointed though, after all it was my first time to the track with the car. I do see a 13.8-13.9 in the future after I figure out the best way to launch the car, and after it gets broken in a little more (2000 miles on the clock so far). First two passes I launched at 2000 rpm slipping the clutch, this resulted in some pretty bad bog. Third run I dumped the clutch at 3000 rpm, and of course this yielded pretty white smoke from the tires. Fourth and quickest run was achieved by slipping the clutch outta the hole at 2500 rpm, this launch felt great, very little wheelspin and no bog. I have heard of people hitting 2.0 60' with stock tires. I think if I can hit the 2.0 short time, lucky number 13 will show at the finish line. Oh by the way, did not powershift and crossed the line in third every run. Oh yeah, I had a hell of a good time, anyone in doubt should definitely take the car to the track, lotsa fun.
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