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I finally brought #5125 out to Orlando Speed World for a few passes. Believe it or not (for those from Central Florida), I actually made four passes there on Friday, and even sat at one round.

The car is factory stock down to the tires and spare in the trunk. I didn't even lower the tire pressure or heat up the radials in the box.

Being this was the first time with the Bullitt at the strip, my goal was to hit 100 MPH in the quarter.

The night went like this:

First run: I'm all set, A/C off … check, Traction Control off… check, roll up to the light... car running in front of me breaks. I back off, shut her down, and wait for the clean up.

After a couple of minutes, I start her back up (forget to disengage the damn traction control), leave the line, hit second (lose power from traction control kicking in) and end up running a 14.44 @ 99.2 MPH.

I'm feeling stupid about the traction control thing, but I'm pretty happy with the MPH, I'm real close to my 100 MPH goal.

Next run, I'm thinking a 14.2 would be respectable (with the traction control off this time). Pull off the line:

60' 2.237
330 6.123
1/8 9.253
MPH 78.87
1000 11.930
1/4 14.181
MPH 100.32

So I'm pretty happy with that run, but I paid I paid my $10, so I might as well play around some more.

Third Run, I launch a little harder:

60' 2.216
330 6.028
1/8 9.127
MPH 79.72
1000 11.782
1/4 14.020
MPH 100.78

All right, now I'm knocking on 13's door, bone stock with the factory radials. It's on. By this time the car is pretty hot, so I let her sit out one round. I pull around for the fourth and final pass of the night. After the break, the car is nice and cool.

I'm thinking if I get that 60' down in the 2.1 range, I'm in the 13's for sure. This round I'm going to launch even harder, and rip off the line. Unfortunately, my aggressive launch and cold tires did not want to cooperate. First gear goes up in smoke, I back out, shift up into second, and still managed 100 MPH, but at 15 not 13 seconds.

All in all it was a great night for the Bullitt. Mark my words, #5125 will run 13.8 on the stock radials, and I'm not touching a set of drag radials until she does. Next time out, I might consider dropping the pressure down in the rear tires, just to cut her a little slack.

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I was quite surprised to see so few cars at Orlando two weeks ago. I got there late and only made one run though. As far as waiting for the DR's, good luck :grin: I got stuck at [email protected] and couldn't break into the thirteens on the Goodyears, even though I said I would never put the DR's on until it did :wink:

I will say they are doing a little more prep on the track since there are fewer cars and a 13 is waiting for you. I have gone back to the Goodyears since I messed up one of my Nittos. I too would like to get a 13 on the Goodyears. I might go out tonight if I get out early enough.

BTW, I have two runs very similar to yours. Two weeks ago on Goodyears:

60' 2.259
330' 6.125
1/8 9.249
MPH 79.00
1000' 11.924
1/4 14.175
MPH 100.24

And my best run on Goodyears back in October:

60' 2.203
330' 6.010
1/8 9.123
MPH 79.52
1000' 11.781
1/4 14.028
MPH 100.20

See you out there sometime :smile:
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