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Thought I,d share this with you...
Took the Bullitt to work today which I don,t often do (construction site in N.Y.C.)Anyway
on the way home I came across a GT which I
engaged in a good friendly exchange of driving skills which was interupted by a black vette who was hell bent on passing us.
We tag teamed him but he did areal good job of boxing himself in on his own and fell way back in traffic.The GT and I resumed our play
until it was time for me to get off the parkway.As I approached my exit the vette swung around my right on to the entrance ramp
of the exit I just passed and tried to take me on the extreme right.I was slowing down from about 80 when I saw him and should have just let em go but I dropped a gear and nailed it.To my surprise he didn,t back off and ran out of ramp and launched onto the dirt/grass and the last thing I saw was a huge mushroom cloud of dust in the rear view.
Shouldn,t have let it go that far but...I wonder were I can get little bow ties to stick on the side of my P-51!

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He should have backed off of you, good job. It's off the subject, but you said P-51, as in the WW2 airplane? Or were you referring to your car? Just curious.

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