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Just wondering if anybody else has seen this one...

One of the 4 fairly small defects I've run across on #3440 is a loose clutch pedal. It would move from side to side a couple inches total. I got up under the dash and added a nice big shim washer to snug it up.

Kinda reminded me of a piece of farm equipment with the way it is designed. The pedal arm is a basic flat hunk of iron with a square hole to match up to the square end on the shaft. Just like a big carriage bolt. Further there is no shoulder so if you tighten it up too much it will bind.

My other detail/defect problems have been the rubber molding on the left quarter window was pushed in, the floormat retaining hook was installed *backwards*, and the build sheet was left inside the front end.

Nothing yet worth letting the dealer have the car and my time/inconvience though.
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