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Florida Bullitthead visiting Los Angeles

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I'll be visiting from January 23 to January 29 and will be based in the Downey area.

i'm coming to visit friends/relatives and a little"memory lane tour" based on my time as a USC student.

I have on my agenda [ and crossing off a bucket list item ] attending the Grand National Roadster Show in Pomona on Saturday , January 27th.

I would like to hook up with a fellow B'head to enjoy the show and hang out for the day.

if interested just call or email me at my contact info :

Matt Cannizzaro [FCMBULLITT2]


[email protected]
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Come out and join us on Sunday.
As mentioned I'll be attending the Roadster show on Saturday, 1/27.

I'd love to attend your event on Sunday but would like to ride with someone , not drive my rental car alone.

I have a flight late Sunday evening so the timing looks good.

I could meet at the Shelby facility but would need a ride back to my car.

If this all works it would be a great, memorable ending to my trip.

As you can see , I've been a Bullitthead for a while.

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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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