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ok the bullitts as you all know come a little louder than the gt (stock). ok i have one simple question...i want my bullitt to be louder than what it is already. all i want to add right now is a muffler to do the trick. would flowmasters be what i'm looking for, will flowmasters by themselves make my bullitt louder than what it is already. if anyone has an answer to my question email me at [email protected]
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I dont recommend flows for one reason, every older mustang and camaro you see have them..I have mac ss mufflers on mine and they sound real nice..Several other bullittheads have liked a new muffler from spin-tech and magnaflows.Do a search for muffler or exhaust..Hope this helps.
I also like the sound of the mac mufflers.I have the Bassani high flow cats and then the mufflers welded in..Very throaty and load under heavy acceleration..At idle its not much different than stock..It has a great sound that turns everybodys head, especially when you stand on it. It sounds better than any other of the 9 mustangs ive had.
Do you guys with spin-tech mufflers have the part number of the ones you installed?? I really like the sound of my mac mufflers but the drone in 5th gear at 70 is pretty annoying..I will installing 3.73's soon so it will probably be worse..thanks in advance
Thanks Dennis, I will try that before switching the mufflers..thanks again
I called spintech and the guy on the phone tried to sell me a different set up.It was 209.00 and the part#is mt61334..They said it would sound better and give more hp. What do you thank(mojay)
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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