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Flyin' Bullitt

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anyone seen the wallpaper at of the new bullitt doing the legendary jump in California from the movie? All four off the ground I wish I couldv'e seen it live. It makes a great wallpaper. :smile:
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Apparently they were all set up for the shoot with media and all ready and this guy drives his pick-up out of an alley and stops to ask "whats going on" when all of a sudden, the Bullitt comes flying over the hill. Missed the pick-up by about an inch.
Already got it as wallpaper on one computer,used another from that site for my laptop, great shots!!

Your wish is my command--video of the jump, along with a few other cool shots.

I'd suggest cutting and pasting that link into the "Open URL" option in Windows Media Player. Otherwise you get a tiny quicktime screen in your browser.

Warning--it's a big file, over 11 megs.

2001 DHG Bullit #4719
1995 Laser Red GT
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Thanks that footage was well worth the download time ;p
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