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We can pretty much say that a 400HP N/A 4.6 is not in the 08 Bullitts future. But some of the engine details are interesting. What kind of HP do you see coming from a 4.6L 3 valve with these mods:

Ford GT heads
unique intake
unique TB
X pipe

We know the Shelby GT puts down around 325 HP with just an X pipe, retune and a CAI so if these components are accurate are we looking at close to 350 HP?? If so it is a significant increase in power over even the Shelby.

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nothing is for sure yet. and as it sits now(show car) is most likely not what will be on the production car. ford can not make up its mind.

i have heard 335 from 2 different sources(1. 335-350 2. 335) so i think that is what ford is aiming for with this project. it looks like the car will include,
ford racing suspension
intake and possibillity of new heads
specific tuned exhaust
specific exterior/interior look
specific wheels

if ford can do all this at 33-35k it will be sweet.:cool:
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