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Well I wasn't expecting it but I recieved an e-mail today. And I have his permission to re-print what he sent me here on our site. So for your reading enjoyment I present the the response.. (I'm working on a return letter now. I'll keep you all posted..

RE. Mustang Bullitt

Steve: Thanks for your letter.

You're right -- and wrong -- about several things. First, the color.
Sorry about that. There's a template we use for specs that has a number
of embedded defaults in it. The Steel Grey is one of them. That will be
fixed, along with a few other screw ups if we can verify them. The
biggest being the 0-60 time, which came from the Ford folks. As for the
seat adjustment, I do not say that THESE seats only have a rake
adjustment. If you read carefully you'll note that I was referring to
classic buckets and that these seats "don't adjust well enough." It is
still my opinion -- and it is shared by many other automotive experts
and consultants who I have spoken with -- that Mustang seats are
uncomfortable and that even less expensive cars like the Focus get
better support. As for the suspension spec, our listing says: Front:
MacPherson struts with gas shocks and coil springs, stabilizer bar.
Rear: Four-bar link with coil springs and stabilizer bar. Ford's own
material says: modified MacPherson strut with separate spring on lower
arm and stabilizer bar/ Rear: Four-bar link with coil springs and
stabilizer bar.

As I said, the 0-60 time I'm looking in to and we will republish when we
get the straight skinny from Ford.

Finally, why the hell shouldn't I drive this car? You apparently have a
bias against Subarus (and I daresay, every Japanese car ever built--even
though, as I'm sure you know, Hondas now have more American content, not
to mention labor, in them than many Ford cars assembled in Ontario and
Chryslers and GMs made in Mexico), so who better to tell Americans
what's wrong with Subarus than you? Scratching your head? You say
McDonald's I say Burger King. Who's right? Neither of us. This is
America, damnit, and we have the right to disagree. Could I be perfectly
unbiased? Hell no. I think Ford should follow through on this car and
truly make it great. Scrap the antiquated rear end that makes this car
so rough and lose a few hundred pounds in the process. Hell, look at
what they did with the T-Bird (and if you think I'm some commie
un-American, read what I said about that car here:
<> ) and repeat that job.

I by no means favor "rice burners". I favor quality, and cars that don't
feel like a hodge-podge thrown together to suck your wallet dry while
Ford scrapes together a lousy five more hp. Look, YOU'RE the one who
should be mad, not me.

The thing is, most Americans won't ever drive a Bullitt, there aren't
enough of them for sale. But most wouldn't anyway because the punishment
(for most of these folks-- and obviously I'm talking the Forbes crowd,
which is exceedingly well-to-do) isn't worth it. Most people want about
half that much performance and twice as much ride quality. The Mustang
just doesn't have the latter, and for the vast majority of people (the
number one selling car in the world is a Ford Focus), a sporty ride
sometimes but a smooth ride all the time is the goal.

Please, beg to differ. I don't mind if you disagree or say I'm full of
it or that I don't know what I'm talking about (for the record I've
owned twice as many American cars as anything else; I don't want to talk
about what I'm driving now, but it was built in the U.S. and it has a
U.S. brand on the hood). You happen to love what you drive and will
continue to study it, research it, know more about it than I ever could.
I can't do that. I have to write three auto stories a week (sometimes
more) so I will screw up. I am human. Call me on it. I'll fix whatever I
can and hopefully get better. But again, my job is to be a critic, not
the weather man. I won't tell you pure facts because you can get that
from a corporate website. I'll tell you what I think, from my gut.
That's my job. Tell me when I blow it. I'll be more than happy to
listen. And since you seem to be plugged into a fansite of some kind
(unless I'm mistaken; I got scores of Bullitt lover/Michael Frank hater
e-mails this past week) feel free to post this there. I'm sure people
will get a kick out of it. And then they'll come back to kick me some

Michael Frank

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I, too, received a reply. He wasn't so pissed about what I said because I mentioned that opinions differ, but he really couldn't rebut my comments on the Bullitt's link to the past, which I feel he totally missed. Plus, I'm older than he is & I turn 27 in a week, so what does he know about the heritage of American Muscle? Hell, for that matter, what do I know about it? I like the fact he caught crap from all the Bullitt lovers. Nice job, folks.:smile:

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gotta give him credit, he had the balls to respond and address some of our issues.
he could have just said "ahh, screw all those Mustang fanatics, they don't have the sense to know what i'm talking about"
did sort of see hime turn his nose up a bit when he spoke of the Forbes readership demographics!!
nice job you guys!
works been kicking my ass lately, not much free time the last week or so!

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i think you're dead on bob!
even the Forbes crowd has enthusiasts that would enjoy and even love the Bullitt!!
it was kinda high and mighty of him to hide behind the readership demographics!! (ie: our readers are MUCH too rich to relate to YOUR Bullitt feelings and passion!)


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I got an e-mail from Forbes today that said I might get a response from Mr. Frank. I can only wish!!!! By the sounds of things in his response to Blackwing I might be waiting awhile!!! LOL!!!!
BTY - Bob, I think you got his car wrong, because a Vega is too small to fit into a Vega!!!! Maybe a Subaru!!!LOL :lol:

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This kid is less than 27 years old and he is telling me about cars! I was driving cars and wrenching under the hood when this guy was crapping his pants. I love the way he blames all his mistakes on bad info from Ford. He has a job and he needs to make sure he does it well, not some slop job then play the blame game. He reminds me of the salesman who tried to sell me a GT stripe and automatic transmission on my Bullitt! Gey it straight or get a new job. At 27, this guy could be flipping burgers and contribute more to society.

Bottom line is, they only made 6500 Bullitts and everyone who got one really wanted it - so his opinion don't mean jack!

I saw this guy driving the other day, he has a 1972 Gremlin. It's purple with tinted windows and those little dingleberry things around the windows. He really looks cute!

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It seems to me that Mr.Franks forgot one very inportant thing, a lot of the Forbes readers were teenagers and drove the power cars of yesteryear. Hell I've seen the upper side of fifty, and some of the kids I ran with hasn't done so bad for themselves, and only the snobs don't know a smooth ride when they see one.

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Here's part of a reply I sent after M. Franks e-mailed me back:

... Just watch out next time you take on Mustang owners. I'll bet you got a lot of comments! -Josh

& here's his reply:

A lot would be an understatement. And it's a good thing they don't list my home address on line or I'd have been fire bombed.

So, I guess we made our point!

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what the hell is our society coming too????
god forbid anyone actually research anything on their own or take responsability for their actions...
always blame it on someone else...the nuts in the mustang clubs, ford, whoever...makes me sick.when I screw up
the only reason I didn't right him was I didn't feel it would be a good use of my time...why listen to some wheezer 47 year old because after all ,he has to do a whole 3 cares to tests and write on in a week... life must be hard forhim...that use tobe my DAILY english assignment all those many years ago....
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