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We have an extra 6-disc magazine that came with the SHO (got buried in the closet) that I am selling. Will be posting it on E-Bay shortly and thought I would see if anyone here is looking for one. Asking $25 and that includes shipping in the continental US. Here is the ad with the info and some pics...

Ford Factory 6-disc magazine - Part #F6DF-18C833-AB

This is a 6-disc CD magazine out of a 1999 Ford Taurus SHO. We have two for the car so this one is up fo sale. I have used it in the car and it works just like new.

Will fit factory installed Ford CD changer in Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable, Ford Escort ZX-2, Mercury Cougar and 2001 Ford F-150 Super Crew.

This magazine will work in these Ford changers: F6DF-18C830-A, F6DF-18C830-B, F6DF-18C849-A, F6DF-18C849-B, F6DF-18C849-C, F7CF-18C849-A, F7CF-18C849-B, F8CF-18C830-A, F8CF-18C830-B, F8CF-18C849-A, F8CF-18C849-B, F8DF-18C830-A, F8DF-18C830-B, F8DF-18C849-A, F8DF-18C849-B, F6XF-18C830-B, F8XF-18C830-A, 1L3F-18C849-A, F7CF-18C830-B, F7CF-18C830-A, F8DF-18C849-C, 98BB-18C849-A, F6DF-18C833-AB.


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