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Ford Racing 3.73 rear & Alum driveshaft installed...reaction...

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Hi all!
My initial reaction, as Don Knotts would say after a swig of whiskey, is SMOOOOOOTH! The aluminum driveshaft really seems to free up the engine to let the RPM's fly...Of course the 3.73's are helping there too. But the driveshaft also makes the whole car feel more sophisticated...silky, smooth, and dare I say it...Bavarian (as in BMW).
The RPM's on the freeway at 65-70 in fifth are only 2250, and seems even quieter than stock due to the quieter driveshaft with less vibration.
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Reagarding the loss in horsepower with numerically higher gears. It doesn't cause a loss in horsepower at the flywheel. The gears have increased friction because they are spinning faster at a given speed. They also force the drivetrain to spin faster. The combination of the two accounts for the loss of horsepower at the rear wheels.

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