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Ford Racing Aluminum Drive Shaft (01)

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Hi Guys,
Here is an easy one for some of our more tech-savy brothers.

When upgrading to the aluminum drive shaft, is it necessary to swap u-joint parts from both ends of the shaft of just one?
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it comes complete w/u-joints. just put it in.
What he said. Just take the old one out and put the new one in.

Take the four 12mm 12pt bolts out at the companion flange. Slide the original shaft out, carefully to avoid damaging the rear trans seal. Slide the new one in. Put some thread locker on the bolts and torque them to spec. I put a little trans fluid on the yoke when sliding it back into the transmission. It actually wouldn't be a bad idea to replace the rear seal. No Ford dealers around here stock it, so you need to do this ahead of time.
Well, I am having that rear trans seal replaced tomorrow due to a very slow leak. The flat rate is about an hour and a half I think.

I will bring a new Ford racing aluminum drive shaft still in the box.

Who thinks the stealership will try to charge me for the additional flat rate labor to R&R a drive shaft?

EDIT: flat rate is about a half hour, not an hour and a half.
I don't know, but I hope not. The rear trans seal is a piece of cake. They must be including your drive time to and from the dealership ;)
^^^^ What he said. Use that to get them to install the new driveshaft and maybe throw in an oil change. :smile:
Well the entire thing cost me $75 part, labor and all. The new drive shaft was installed at no additional charge. The machined surface of the Ford Racing drive shaft (where it passes through the seal) is much better and should be more reliable.

The tech showed me the old seal and it did have a slight defect so hopefully all is well now. Good work, good price, good experience.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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