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The forwarded link below will take you to photos Justin("Forte2") has taken in Japan which DO NOT relate to his Hwy 42 Adventures. A rare occurrence to be sure! Just follow the location links at the top to view a chronological glimpse of his time in Japan. To view a thumbnail full size, just click on it (The picture will take a little while to load.) The Sapporo Snow & Ice Festival is too cool (pun intended)! He performed there with the 296th Army Band-Dixieland Combo.
(here’s their link: He was playing Trombone for this concert but also can be asked to play the small keyboard he is shown in this pix with. It is called a Melodica. Justin doesn’t have the Sapporo photos captioned yet, but this link will take you to more information on the festival & the sculptures:

--Forte2's Mom

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From: Justin Davis <[email protected]>

Photos when I wasn't on a 42 trip! This includes the latest Sapporo trip. Enjoy!
[URL=""][URL="[email protected]"]
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