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FoSM Car & Motorcycle Show June 3rd 2017

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FoSM Boys Republic Car & Motorcycle Show June 3rd 2017

Had the 1st Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show & Motorcycle Committee Meeting on Oct.13, 2016

FoSM Car & Motorcycle Show Move Theme for 2017 = SAND PEBBLES

Note : This will be the FoSM 10th Anniversary Show ! Benefitting The Boys Republic, Chino Hill, CA

- Dinner Friday June 2nd 2017
- Show Saturday June 3rd 2017

SoCal BULLITT Herd Road Warrior List : OK Let's Round-Up 40 BULLITTs !

1. Michael O'Donnell ... DHG 1005
2. Rocky Reynolds ... HG 1883

on your six ... michael
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I think I been to all but one of the shows . Put me and 5762 down for the 10th annual show
Unfortunately I'm passing on this years event. I'm doing a week long motorcycle ride through the NoCal and Nevada gold country with a group of cops.
1 - 2 of 52 Posts
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