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FoSM Car & Motorcycle Show June 3rd 2017

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FoSM Boys Republic Car & Motorcycle Show June 3rd 2017

Had the 1st Friends of Steve McQueen Car Show & Motorcycle Committee Meeting on Oct.13, 2016

FoSM Car & Motorcycle Show Move Theme for 2017 = SAND PEBBLES

Note : This will be the FoSM 10th Anniversary Show ! Benefitting The Boys Republic, Chino Hill, CA

- Dinner Friday June 2nd 2017
- Show Saturday June 3rd 2017

SoCal BULLITT Herd Road Warrior List : OK Let's Round-Up 40 BULLITTs !

1. Michael O'Donnell ... DHG 1005
2. Rocky Reynolds ... HG 1883

on your six ... michael
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Add me to the list. This time planning to enter the Bullitt.:wink2:
Ah shucks... Tell us this is a April Fool post.

Somebody please go get 2451 at Antelope Valley Ford before some none knowing guy gets her, I'm not fast but with plenty to spare she did 1:47 at Willow with room to spare and nothing is wrong with her.
If not, it's been a good ride for sure. Enjoyed sharing the good times, going all the way back to the Bullitt 45 anniversary celebration: You brought your WW2 replica BMW motorcycle & sidecar to the parade in Los Angeles. Stayed on my tail most of the way.
Did you trade 2451 in stock condition?
In good company

Mike will be there, no doubt.
He should be there with three other Mikes signed up.:wink2:
You have me twice on your list.
David, aren't you bringing to cars. Perhaps Big Red?>:)
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1 - 5 of 52 Posts
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