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Found a bullitt owner in the service deptartment today. He did not know his bullitt
had a number. I showed him were it was. He had bought it used from a private owner.
It had 6,000 miles on it when he bought it. It now has 30,000 miles. It is missing the original wheels. It has cobra wheels on it. His number was 4699, color dhg. I convienced him to go on our web site, and register his car. He also owns a 96 cobra, and the new shelby gt black 5spd. Lives in fallbrook ca. I'm also working on a buddy of mine who I had sold a new dhg to. His going to check his number also, and register his. He only has 6,000 miles on it. I just turned mine over the other night to 14,000 miles. still love the bullitt. Out for now.

2001 bullitt 5198
1969 mustag cpe 351
1969 galaxie 500 for sale
1997 thunderbird v-8
2002 ranger tremor
1974 chevy nova
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