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Black Bullitt 783 is at a Chevy dealership right here in Johnson County, KS. I went and looked at her and I really got upset. From what I have found out the guy just simply didn't want and or couldn't afford the car anymore. So he sold it to the dealership. The passenger side skirt molding is off a standard GT, but still has the Bullitt side skirt on the drivers side. Looks awful! The guy also put an aftermarket alarm in it. And he has some really cheesy looking stickers above the GT badges on the sides that say "Bullitt." Of course the dealership didn't know a thing about Bullitts and the poor car is sitting outside and looks very dirty. I can see condensation in the tail lights, and the back window looks like it has a bad tint job on it. I didn't drive her but other than what I mentioned she looks good. Just really p*sses me off to see one of our cars, with only about 5,000 miles on it look so used. They are asking $26,000 for her. Please someone rescue 783!!

DHG 3840

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