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FOUND: My Bullitt build sheet,after 7 years!

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Found it under the rear seat,a bit crumpled up,but complete. Never had one under the rear bumber.
However,mine had a nice little notation,written in red ink.... "A" post IP bolt loose. I'll bet it is the passenger side Insturment Panel bolt. I have always had a slight gap,where it meets the corner of the windshield!
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Nice! I found mine, and I ripped off a piece when I couldn't get the whole thing out of the bumper, but luckily it was the piece that had the build date on it. A few weeks later while at my buddy's shop, I put my car on a lift and pulled out the whole build sheet. I left it on a table, and forgot it there overnight. The following morning I'm assuming his boss arrived and threw it away :(. Oh well, I still have the date lol.
build sheets

Larry and anyone else interested. Here is an original post from Mr.T back in 2001 on build sheets:

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Mega BullittHead


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<HR style="COLOR: #666666" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->I'll resurrect this post from earlier for new "Bullittheads". Read on.....

Just to set the record straight, here is the
Build sheet strategy that is employed on all Mustangs. Each sheet is unique and does not have ALL of the build info on it:

1 sheet used for the Trim Area
1 sheet used for the Instrument Panel build
1 sheet used for the Chassis line
1 sheet used for the Engine line
1 sheet used for the Axle line

Generally, all of you should find the chassis sheet between the bumper foam and bumper beam. Some of you may find the axle sheet on top of the differential. The others are almost always thrown away. Have fun treasure hunting!
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A most excellent find indeed, Larry.

You must now protect the build sheet with an archive grade acid free sheet protector (pictured below) or laminate it.


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Yep,it looks just like that one, Collin. What is the "Blend" number? Should that relate to the Bullitt ID number?
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