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Yesterday I bought a BBK x-pipe and a Borla catback exhaust from Brothers performance. Got it home and unboxed it from the original unopened box. I installed the x-pipe and when I went to line up the cat back, looking into the end of the x-pipe right at the x intersection looked like some big slivers of wood? What the hell? I fished them out with a coat hanger and sure enough there were 2 big slivers/chunks of wood in my x pipe? Not sure what to make of this or what it would have done to my exhaust if I had ran it for a while with the wood still in it but I intend to call BBK today and ask them if this is something a disgruntled employee decided to do while packing it up or what? And on top of that I had to take the car to a muffler shop because BBK made the left front and rear flanges too big so the pipe leaked badly and sounded like hell. Just thought I would share that piece of f'ed up info with everyone. I won't be buying any BBK stuff from now on though.


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