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As far as I know it was just a project put together by SVT to showcase the very best of FRPP present and future. The car most likely will not reach actual production but the goal is to eventually produce all the parts on the car so that a person could build the car themselves. Let's see, what's not to like? 415 hp 4.6 4 v DOHC stroked to a 5.0 Liter. 4.6 sec 0-60 times. 12.7 1/4 miles. And a top speed of 175. Wrap the engine in a body made of a lot of carbon fiber. Add some custom machined rims surrounding cross drilled and slotted 14" brakes. WOW there is just too much about this car to list. But here are some links to more info.

And finally go here and click project cars and you will find 1 more.


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With the exception of the 415 HP
I like our Bullitts much more.
I think the Bullitt looks meaner
and faster.I also don't like
polished rims or even the style
of rims on the pictured car.
As I said in an earlier post
if they gave the Bullitt 300 HP
to make it equally between the
Cobra and regular GT it would be
the perfect car, as it stands
it's pretty damn close though!
Happiness is a Warm Bullitt...!
Frank & his
Black Beauty Bullitt # 2627
from Montvale, New Jersey

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I like those wheels but who amoung us has 4grand for rims?

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The perfect Mustang for me would be
to take the 400 HP Engine they are
suppose to put in the 2003 special
edition Mustang (Terminator) GT
and drop it in to our present day
Bullitt GT. Other than that I
wouldn't change a thing about
our Bullitts. As much as I love
Raw Power, it also has to have
the LooK and The Bullitt has the
Look with enough substance,
meat and potatoes to satisfy
my appetite for destruction,
Blood,Guns and Roses.
:cool: :bullitt: :cool:

Happiness is a Warm Bullitt.
The Black Beauty # 2627
from Montvale, New Jersey
aka Krankiekat

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