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I was introduced to the "Bullittclub" by Mike "Bullitt01." My hubby Mike and I received our new baby on May 17.
There seems to be an abundance of Mikes with Bullitts.
It arrived at the train yard transport office the previous day, but the transport company said they couldn't deliver it to the dealer, 60 miles away, for about a week.
We pleaded with the dealer and he let us pick it up at the transport yard and take to the dealership for PDI.
We could have driven it, but chose not to before official inspection. So it was trailered.
Here's a link to an album with photos at the transport lot and dealers.
When we went to the transport yard there were four others waiting to be delivered to their loving owners.
A friend christened the baby "Frank" and it has stuck. (Lt. Frank Bullitt/Steve McQueen).
It has a little dingle and two paint chips on the drivers door. Will be repaired at the body shop tomorrow.
We have had our personalized "BULLITT" plates ordered and at DMV for two months. Now the DMV won't release them until they receive the paperwork from the dealership which is in another county and uses a different computer system. The apathetic bimbo behind the desk flippantly said "it could take two months!" What bunch of horse $hit!

Here's Frank #1004


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Joyce, Beautiful car! We also have a little nick in the paint. As soon as our bra and fog lights come in Bullette will be in the shop for a couple of days getting her "make-over", as the exhaust tips need to be adjusted too.


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On 2001-05-21 01:42, Bullitt01 wrote:
Howdy Joyce!
Welcome to the club. Frank is indeed a wonderful looking ride.


Absolutely. Nice picture too!
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