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I stopped by a friend of mine's house about 3 weeks ago. I hadn't talked to him in quite a while, (way before I bought my car) and the conversation, as usual, was cars. He owns a 68 Fastback that he bought new. It's a beautiful car. Well anyway, like a lot of people, he didn't know I got a Bullitt (stays pretty hidden). We were discussing the upcoming Mach and I said "yeah, I actually bought a new Mustang." After a while I finally said "you've seen the new Bullitts right?" He wanted me to go get it right then!

I came back the next day and went for a little spin. He immediately said "I'm gonna talk to the Wife, and I'm gonna go look at new Mustangs tomorrow." I knew he would buy one :smile: After three weeks of negotiating with a dealer to get X Plan, they let him have one. By waiting he also managed to get the 0% financing.

He showed up at my house Saturday afternoon. He was so happy he got the car, and I can't think of a better guy to have a car just like mine :smile:

I will go by and take some pics of both of his cars here in a few days. I also told him about Bullittclub, but I don't think he's stopped driving the car long enough to use the computer :grin:

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