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Very interesting...
General Motors is looking at the Australian-made Holden Commodore as a possible way to expand its performance-oriented, rear-wheel-drive lineup, according to the automaker’s product czar Bob Lutz. “We’re studying, and I stress we’re studying, us bringing (the Commodore) from Australia and federalizing it,” a reference to U.S. safety and emissions standards. “But we’re a long way from making a decision,” Lutz quickly added. “We’re looking at anything that would conceivably get us back into the rear-wheel-drive market and cut the lead time to do it.” A critical question is whether GM could turn a profit bringing vehicles up from down under. Ford failed miserably when it tried to import an
Australian-made ragtop and sell it as the Mercury Capri in the early 1990s. But observers say that was more the result of poor product design than the Capri’s country of origin.
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One of the car rags (can't remember which one) did a road test of one of these recently. They loved it, but as I recall the 0-60 times were not that impressive, over 6 seconds. However, a Cadillac Catera with a LS1 V8 and 6-Speed would be a nice package here.

I did read in the current Automobile that Bob Lutz, and others, are very serious about getting GM back into the rear-drive performance sedan market and importing the Holden was one of many options under consideration.

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