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Fuel help

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OK, I see that people are finding fixes now for the pinging from 87 fuel. My solution as others was to simply use a higher rated octane. I just want know if the 92 octane I am using will eventually cause problems within my car.

Thanks all

Aaron #0685
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Question Karl, What altitude are you at? and do they oxygenate (spike the gasoline with methanol) the fuel there in ID?

When I had 4165 in CO, in Denver, I could'nt run the winter (oxygenated) 87, I had to use 91. However, I could use the summer brew 87. I could run 85 any time in the mountains (they don't spike the fuel off of the front range).

Personally, I believe oxygenating the fuel drives the cost of gas up more than it reduces emissions. I was an emissions mechanic in Ft. Collins on college and ran many tests for my own edification when business was slow. The only time I saw emissions reduced was after a cold start, before the cats lit off. Granted, I was using just a tailpipe sniffer and not a dyno, but still...
My '89 2.5 Turbo/5spd. Le Baron kicked butt in the CO mountains. Bullitt did great as well. The only pinging problems I had were with the winter 87 down in Denver. I made the Denver-Aspen trip couple of times in the Bullitt before moving to FL that one starts at good 'ol 5280 , goes over a ~10.5K pass and through the Eisenhower tunnel at like ~11.5K. Ran great, on 85 even.

Chris Pedersen

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