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Fun Ford Weekend Bristol Tennessee

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Bristol Dragway has aquired the services of Tim Lopata as the "Managing Director" of the new FUN FORD WEEKEND car show in Bristol Tennessee.Mr Lopata will be leaving his position as president of THE FORGE INVITATIONAL MUSCLECAR SHOW and taking over the chores of co-ordinating the 2 day all FORD show..
While producing The Forge it was chosen by MSN as one of the top 8 shows in the country to see.He has put together a display,along with the BOSS 429 registry,the first time in history every color of the 429 cars to roll down the assembly line in 1969 and 1970..Also with the help of J Thompson, the largest display of Talladega and Cyclone cars in one place since they were built..He has put together some of the greatest musclecar events ever.This event can not only be seen all over the net but in numerous magazines and TV coverage in the last 10 years.He will be bringing that same experiance,along with already having an involvement with FORD RACING, in putting together what will not only be one of the
premier events on the east coast but one of the best all FORD events anywhere...
The event will include the "STANG STAMPEDE" a gathering of mutangs from 1964 - 2012.
Also drag racing for the weekend and we will have spacing for
FORD and other parts vendors and even has swap meet spaces for the garage guy
looking for that hard to find part.He will also be signing sponsors for this event.
Hope to see some of you Bullitt Heads there.

Initial info

Clubs welcome...
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We have a few people coming from over your way...
Hope to see some of you guys next week ... june 29th and 30th ....
We will have a tent set up in the car show area for shade and conversation ... :smile:
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