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Garage Door Springs

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Just a reminder for everyone to check your overhead garage door tension springs. These are the springs above the door that assist in elevating it. There should be a safety cable that would keep the spring from flying if it was to snap. Some older doors do not have them and some newer ones do not hold. This can do a lot of damage to your cars or people if it lets loose while they are under it. Mine snapped with such force it tore the cable from the stud and the spring landed between the Bullitt and the Boss. One small scratch on the rocker panel that buffed out. Close call for 4713! If they are old, just replace them. They are cheap!
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When I was in HS our garage door spring "sprung" right through the garage and living room walls and tore up the wall and carpet.

We built our house 5 years ago. When time for the garage door we elected the option for no springs. After move-in I installed an electric garage door opener.
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