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Garage upgrades

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I just bought my first home and I'm already wanting to do upgrades! I thought I would start in the garage, since that the most important room!

Currently I have a standard attached 2 car garage with a single door. I would like to transform this area into a shop that is both comfortable and easy to work in. Can you give me ideas/suggestions for the following?

Just blown in for the attic?
How about the garage door?

Run a duct?

Epoxy the floor:
Is Epoxy what I'm looking for?
Is it oil proof?
Easy cleaning?

Paint the walls:
Do I just use a normal interior paint?

Make the most out of limited shelf space:
Any storage ideas?

Improved lighting:
Currently I have a 75 watt light bulb..
I need alot more!
Fixed lighting?

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A garage for someone is a very,very "personal thing". First of all you have to determine exactly what you want it to become and how much time you plan on spending in it. After you figure that out, let common sense take its path. You have already covered some very important points and answered your own questions. Good luck!

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