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Garage upgrades

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I just bought my first home and I'm already wanting to do upgrades! I thought I would start in the garage, since that the most important room!

Currently I have a standard attached 2 car garage with a single door. I would like to transform this area into a shop that is both comfortable and easy to work in. Can you give me ideas/suggestions for the following?

Just blown in for the attic?
How about the garage door?

Run a duct?

Epoxy the floor:
Is Epoxy what I'm looking for?
Is it oil proof?
Easy cleaning?

Paint the walls:
Do I just use a normal interior paint?

Make the most out of limited shelf space:
Any storage ideas?

Improved lighting:
Currently I have a 75 watt light bulb..
I need alot more!
Fixed lighting?

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1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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