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Gas pedal spacers

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Gas pedal is way too deep for my liking on this car. I’ve been just dealing with it. Decided to finally raise it a bit.

Tried 3/8x3/8x1 OD nylon spacers from Home Depot for couple days both on the street and canyon to see if I will like it.
It’s a go!

Got the correct size steel spacers from eBay, which are 1/4x3/8x1 OD to fit and seat perfectly against the firewall. The nuts holding the pedal assembly are 10mm.

Insulation at the top left needed little trimming to seat the spacer flush.

like the result. Easier to “Heel/Toe”. I found others using 1/2”+ height spacers, in my opinion this is too tall for obvious reasons but it’s all personal preference. Try this mod. It’s cheap and you might like it a lot.


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Thank you for this!

I was going to get the Steeda upgraded gas pedal for the same reason, but I think I will give this a try first.

So the only thing I need to buy are those steel spacers that you mentioned?
Yes. Those spacers are only pieces you need. I found that after the spacers, I don’t need the wider pedal.
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Thanks. Ordered 3 of those spacers. I hope it turns out good.
I may try this to see how it feels. One of the first things I did was install a clutch pedal spacer from AM, because I couldn't stand how far the pedal travel was to the floor. I swear you would have to have legs at least four feet long to push it to the floor with a comfortable seat location. The passenger seat height is another issue...:rolleyes: What was Ford thinking.
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LOL. It’s the engineers, Ford’s clutch height been an issue to many people since the fox body era.
That's funny, because I had no issues with the '86 I use to own. I wish I still had it, but I like the B just as much... well, maybe a little more because... McQueen. :cool:
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