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Gates Performance Hose Products

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I came across the Gates Racing site and was looking at their performance products.

While browsing the Performance Coolant Hoses I came across the Gates PowerGrip® Hose Clamps.

Gates claims that the, "thermoplastic clamp maintains a dynamic tension so that it never needs retightening. Whenever the engine reaches operating temperture, the shrink forces of PowerGrip SB readjust to a consistent clamping force. In addition, its clamping force increases as the temperature drops below 40 degrees F, thereby tightening the connection."

Interesting, wouldn't you say…

I like the clean look these clamps provide and the elimination of cold flow would be a plus too.

Anyone have any experience using these?

Any thoughts about using them?

*cold flow -The deep and permanent impressions or cracks in a hose caused by hose clamp pressure.
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