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At age 40, she'd NEVER been in a Mustang!? What's this world coming to?
Well, wasn't she lucky! It was my Bullitt. The first 60' were beautiful. I revved to about 3000-3500 and hammered it off the line, then caught about another 20' of squeal when I hit second! The car is still basically brand new. I guess my ego got the best of me!

After that, we lunged around a country block, just surging through the gears, and pouring on the torque. This is a fine car for my neck of the woods. Hilly, rural Pennsylvania is Bullitt Country. Windows down. They're always down.

Anyway, I guess at 700 miles on the odometer, that I'm ready to hit this bear for what it's got. Now I'm stopping on the backroads every time I come home to practice my launches. The R's can certainly climb quickly away from you. And I'm going to need some serious milage on this stock rubber before it will ever hook up.

This Bullitt is a ball!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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