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Gone For 60 Minutes!

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Hey everyone,

Today was dedicated to 435. In the morning, I had her washed squeaky clean, then proceeded to take a roll of photos of her (so I can finally prove I have it for you all) and then we went on a road trip 'cause she hasn't been able to stretch her wheels for a while (hasn't been in 5th gear since November!)

So, I decided to drive out to Long Beach (from the Valley) and take her across the Vincent Bridge where both Gone In 60 Sec 'Stangs had famous crossings. As I approached the bridge, I threw in the score from the Nic Cage film and blasted across and took the loop around to the 710 back to the valley.

A really great day! After refueling, I passed a blue (?) Bullitt parked next to Burbank High School. Who are you?! Are you on this forum?! You must be five seconds from me!

Anyway, I've put up a website for my darling Bullitt here:

Click on the main pic to see more and read a little.

Later guys and gals,

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