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I started the day as I usually do every day: stumbling out of bed half awake at 545 am , then I walk downstairs to make coffee for me and breakfast for my sons before they have to go to school, then i put the wash in and start the washing machine, and finally
Just a quick look out the back door , BUT this morning was different ,this morning revealed a fairly rare occurance...
RAIN ...wiped my eyes... looked again.. yep.....RAIN.. in fort worth texas, in the middle of the early morning... RAIN...WOW... Holy ~~~~ I couldn't believe it ,I have been waiting to see how dhg# 1994 drove in the rain.. wet streets all of that... out I go ....crank her up, ease out of the driveway...used the wipers for the first time (in rain anyway and yes they work)... drove the backroads to the highway..
no problem rear of the car seemed fine but i wasn't really hopping on it.. got on I-20 heading west for the drive to work.... no problem, steady as a rock at 70 in the left lane all the way....( and a helluva lot more stable then my 98 GT was) I know that the goodyears have gotten some bad press but they were fine in the rain from what I experienced...It'd still raining, I am looking out and I see her in her usual 2 spots parked sideways at a 45 degree angle accross them both ( rank has certain privledges and that one of em) rain running down , beading ,of the fresh wax that was just applied a few days ago ...she is a true vision of beauty, proud, wet, happy to be free, if only for a short time, from the merciless texas sun... life is good
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