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Last night about 7:30 my girlfriend and I were heading over to a friend's house for a New Year's Eve party and on the way some goober in a Chevy Silverado sideswiped me. Luckily we were in the Ridgeline and not the Bullitt.

We were travelling west on I-10 crossing over Mobile Bay. Crossing over the bay I-10 has two lanes each way (east and west) on separate bridges. We were in the left lane with cars ahead of us. We were coming up on slower traffic in the right hand lane. All of a sudden this idiot in the Silverado comes up on my right and then moves over into my lane and hits my truck on the right side. I honked my horn and swerved to try and keep him from hitting me but there was only so much I could do.

Now comes the good part. He is now ahead of us behind the same traffic I was behind. I am flashing my lights and honking my horn but he just keeps on going. I call 911 and give them a description of the truck and the license plate number (Alabama tag 5B0068H). I am still following this guy and I figure the police will send someone to stop him. The 911 operator puts me through to the police dispatcher and they tell me they can't send an officer and ask if I want to pull over and wait for an officer to come to me to take a report. I could not believe what I was hearing. I was still behind the guy and told the dispatcher but they said let him go.

So we pull over and wait for the police. While we were waiting I looked at the right side of my truck and the front fender and door are scrapped up and dented. I would guess no more than $2,000 to fix. About 30 minutes later here comes an officer and he takes down all the info. He was nice but I didn't get the feeling from him that much would come from this. He said the case would be assigned to a traffic investigator and they would look into it. He said if they can figure out who was driving the could write a citation but he didn't sound too optimistic about that happening. I was pretty frustrated so I asked him if that meant it was better to leave the scene of an accident instead of waiting for the police. Of course he said no. I feel pretty confident my truck will get fixed but I doubt anything will happen to the driver.

Oh well. It is just a car and I wasn't going to let this ruin my New Year's Eve so we went on to the party and had a good time. I hope everyone else had a good New Year's Eve and didn't have the same excitment I did!
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