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There I was...coming home after working a 13 hour day (7 hours of which was teaching 2 baby faced lieutenants tactical low level flying) heading into the normal 40 minute drive in rush hour when the left lane finally cleared and #5508 leaped into free air! Dropped into 3rd and punched it. You know...just to get past all of the daily Sunday drivers. It was dark, the right 3 lanes were moving at about 50, but they were all a blur as I glanced in for a normal cross check of the guages to see the clock somewhere between 80 and 90. This is fairly normal for SMKNGUN (#5508) and I, but I was tired and said to myself..."you should probably back out of her a little since you can't see every car you pass clear enough to identify them as friend or foe". A millisecond or 2 later I glanced in my rear view and saw Chilli Bullitt's brother flashing the old red and blue at me. Well...this one's going to hurt. I pulled over through 3 lanes and stopped. America's finest sneaks up (like they always do in that blinding flood) and says, "Any reason you were doing 87 in a construction zone?" Of course I couldn't lie, so I said "no, just worked a long day and was in a hurry to get home." (I thought it sounded good). He asked me who I was with (since I was still in my flight suit) and I replied Air Force. I handed him my DL and Reg and he disappeared back into the flood. It seamed like forever...I was trying to recall New Mexico's reckless driving law which is 26 over the posted speed and was wondering if #5508 was going to be impounded and I hauled off to jail (this would have really sucked Thanksgiving eve). He returns in about 5 minutes and I cleverly asked "How fast did you say I was going" You know...that usually works right?...right. He said "87". So I say "Man, I'm so sorry...I didn't think I was going THAT fast". So he says, "Yeah, I have a Mustang and they do haul ass!" He goes on to say; "Well, if I wrote you it would be $246 so...have a nice evening. HAVE A NICE EVENING! Can you beleive it? I laughed all the way home! There's no way he let me off! UNBELIEVABLE! And to top it off, I filled my void by inhaling this POS prelude about 5 miles up the road. So, boys and girls...I have much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! WOW!

Wade Koch

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