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Got something in the works for Us

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I was geting some signs made for my work van today
& talked to the guy that worked there about a dash emblem like is in the Saleens or if you go to my page you can see the one in my cobra that I had made in the shifter area

OK this is what Im geting done
It will be in the hologram with the letters BULLITT then under it will have production date 7/01 & then the # 4076
I will post it when its done he is also gona mock up some in metal but I like the other idea to match the one under the hood
OK I know you guys will probly want one so I ask him about that
I will need a order of 20 or more to get them
But lets see what mine look like first
Im gona have close to $35 in it & with all my leg work & the place is over 40 mi one way I would like to get $45 for them
& webmaster give my your nubers ASAP & I will give you one for Free even though I did not get anything in the mail LMAO
my page
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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