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Got spanked by my own Bullitt!

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Hubby and I were coming back home from a Show N' Shine with both Mustangs. I was driving the 69 351W and he in the Bullitt. We took off together at the light, me flooring it. Of course, he sped right on by and I got to hear the rubber in 2nd AND 3rd! Then we proceed the speed limit and we rode side by side so I can get a good look at her and the running ponies on the calipers. (cool I may add)! Then, all of a sudden I hear a ROMP and he downshifts into 2nd and spanks me again! I am laughing and grinning from ear to ear! That is the most awesome sound-especially with the window rolled down. It is VERY loud! Then we are almost home and he is behind me now and I am not looking in my rear view and all of a sudden I hear this LOUD roaring exhaust sound and he is doing a fly-by past me. He went by me so fast I thought I was going backwards! No kidding! I jumped in my seat and thought "what the hell was that"! And I looked at my side and it was my Beautiful Bullette roaring past me again! I love my car!

There was lots of interest at the Show N" Shine tonight, BTW


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Kay did the same thing to me also I was in the MACH1 and she was driving 1007, I had one hell of a time keeping up with her. She gets to the show and trys to pretend she didn't know what she was doing
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