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Guys let me settle this one for ya. My buddy owns a 2000 gt.His mods are as follows.

1. Steeda three piece pulleys.
2. Steeda timing adjuster
3. Larger Mass air setup.
4. K N cold air kit.
5. Nitto drag radials.

I own a bonestock Bullitt with 2500 miles on it the only thing I have done is put on a set of Nitto drar radials. I have raced my friend at least 30-40 times. I live out in a area that has a road that is used for 1/4 mile racing it been there for years. Here is the race. From a dead stop. Both of us doing burnouts then launching about 4000-4500 rpm its pretty even. Then as soon as I hit third I pull on him a car to a car and a half. If we run from a rolling start same story Bullitt in third I will pull on him. If I go into fourth I pull even more. I traded in my 2001 Gt for the Bullitt. The regular Gts will start falling off power in third. The Bullitt with the better flowing intake has a better power band then the regular Gts. Both of us are very hard on our cars. Even know it has low miles its been down the 1/4 mile at least 75 times and has seen 145 mph more times then I care to write about. I have owned 7 late model mustangs and have worked for ford as a mechanic. The Bullitt flat out kicks ass for a production car. As far as MMFF I would not beleive a word they say as far as 1/4 miles times go. I have been reading there magazine since 1990. Basicially if they have a project car they post bogus 1/4 times. Stock for stock a Bullitt will beat a Gt.

Hope this helps

1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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