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Short but satisfying story...

So I'm cruising down the road shortly before I go to work. I'm just going to bop into my girlfriend's house to visit for 15 mins, then head on out. I'm about 1/2 mile away, and I've got maybe 200 yards of clean asphalt before I get to a red light and congestion. Just because it was a pretty day (and the car show in the parking lot to my right helped a bit, hehe), I hop on it a bit, and in doing so catch a small chirp in 3rd.

As I roll up on the redlight (left lane), a burgundy Grand Prix pulls up next to me. I confess I didn't take the time to notice whether he was supercharged, and I'm not sure I know what badging to look for anyway. Light turns green, and I let out the clutch to pull out at a reasonable speed. There was traffic up ahead, and I wasn't going to *unnecessarily* get on it. I had an ear out, though. Something made me think he was going to get on it. As I let out the clutch, I hear his rpms go through the roof, and tires start to spin. I actually waited for his tires to stop making noise before I nailed it, and I was easily far enough in front of him to change into his lane by the time I got 1/2 way through second. I confess, his car was faster than I expected, especially when you factor in that he had 2 people in the car with him. It's not like I was immediately ahead of him. I kind of hope it was a supercharged model, because otherwise I have to wonder what an unloaded SC'd one would have been like. OTOH, I suspect that my lead was only going to increase, and rapidly, as I continued through 2nd and 3rd.

In any case, my hat's off to the guy for giving me the satisfaction of racing someone, even it it wasn't ideal. He gave me a beep as he passed, and I expected him to do a flyby, so I wasn't ready with a friendly wave or anything. Hope he didn't think I was a jerk. :smile:

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