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I went by my dealership yesterday (Doug Stanley Ford in Desoto, Texas) to pick up a bottle of DHG touch-up paint, and they have a Black Bullitt on the main display porch out front, parked back to back to a GT. All of the GTs that they have in stock are sporting the Torque Thrust Bullitt wheels, which makes it easy to see through to the brake rotors and calipers. It was very easy to visually compare the Bullitt's brake parts to the GTs - our Bullitt rotors and calipers are HUGE compared to the stock setup! Both front and rear are enormous. No wonder my car stops on a dime - I've engaged the ABS more than once making an aggressive stop, and never broken the tires loose or lost control.

I could also see how the car is lowered, how the body trim is unique on the Bullitt, etc. compared to the stock GT.

Doug Stanley Ford still has three Bullitts in stock: 2 blacks and 1 DHG. Go to, or call 972.223.8050 and talk to Lance Fisher.


Bob Worley, AKA bwcobra15
DHG #621
D-FW, Texas

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